The Moose Drink

Handcrafted in Austria and inspired by the mountains. The Moose drink captures the alpine spirit with a perfected blend of mountain extracts, distillates and herbs.


Collaborating with designer Mina Shah, we crafted a brand expression and packaging that reflects it’s natural heritage and unique ingredients.


The brand mark and icon create a clean and iconic identity, while the tactile label of the bottle reflects its luxury and environmental ethos. With clarity and precision, the Moose brand delivers a premium experience for the adventurous soul.

What we did

Brand Identity, Print & Packaging

“Deerhound are a pleasure to work with, consistently and reliably hitting agreed deadlines whilst producing excellent work.  As COO of a busy company, Deerhound fast became my go-to design team for producing contemporary and professional marketing content.”

Ben Cijffers, COO Global Philanthropic.