elping Root to refresh their core message we created a colourful new brand world to clarify founder, Tracy Sutton’s, expertise as a brand sustainability and packaging innovation consultant. From design and print to website implementation and moving image, we created a window of opportunity for Root as diverse and adaptable as Tracy herself. In our extended case study we take a look how we moved her brand forward through collaboration and design.

Root’s unique proposition of sustainability and ethical solutions do not mean boring. With the opportunity to challenge the perception of sustainable packaging the evolution of Root’s brand needed to retain it’s original character while creating a more concise and optimistic strategy that appealed to both corporate business and designers alike.

Root’s original brand mark (below, shown on the left) needed refinement to validate these credentials and along with the revised form, colour and typeface we created a series of ‘sustainable material’ backdrops to diversify the brand from perceptions and create an adaptable brand mark that can be used across all business touch-points and stationery (shown on the right).

Our evolution of Root’s existing brand mark refined its form, typeface and depth to create a considered and adaptable logo that represents the brand across print and digital platforms.

Clarity of information and a seamless user experience were paramount when it came to rebranding one of Root’s key tools for new business – the website. Working closely with Tracy to develop new content for portfolios and opinion pieces we created an informative, connected and fully responsive website across desktop and mobile platforms.

Data analytics from the original website (below, shown on the left) guided our design thinking with revised copy, an optimised layout and bold imagery that elevated the site visually and put the user first (shown on the right).

Search engine optimised with clear presentation and an exceptional user experience helped Root to gain increased web traffic and generate new leads from major clients.

With user experience in mind, one of Root’s more challenging aspects of the rebrand was how to clearly communicate each area of the services offered from strategy and innovation to packaging implementation. Answering the brief we created a series of short and engaging explainer films that put each service into context using work from Root’s own portfolio.

With a complete series of 4 (packaging design support shown below), each film was used on the website and across social media. Adapted versions were also created to suit micro formats on instagram, raising brand awareness.

Creating short, informative films made each of Root’s services clear in an engaging format that can be easily shared on social media.

Head over to Root Innovation to see our work in action, and if you’d like to discuss this project in more detail and discover how we can help your brand then please get in touch here.

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