Image courtesy of Insignia Technologies

rands have the opportunity to drive real social change and intelligent packaging company Insignia Technologies launched an innovative label solution to help combat food waste and increase consumer awareness with their timer intelligent labels. Ideal for MAP packaged products and easily incorporated on to any film lid, the label is triggered when the pack is opened and changes colour as the product loses freshness.

The intelligent label is embedded in the inside layer of the lidding film of a modified atmosphere package or bag. When the package is flushed with CO2 the label turns yellow but remains the same colour until the package is opened, releasing the CO2. Once the package is opened the label begins timing, responding with a colour change that can be pre-set in line with consume within guidance. The colour change response is faster in higher temperatures, aligning the label with actual product freshness. – Insignia Technologies

Insignia technologies continue to develop a range of intelligent packaging applications which are successfully utilised and trialled in the US and UK. Learn more about their innovative solutions at

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