or several years digital print has allowed brands and startups to produce high quality yet low cost solutions across a variety of print and packaging needs. But this adaptable print method still holds much potential and continues to innovate in today’s demanding market, here are our top 3 innovations for digital print and how it could help your brand.


Let’s start with the obvious – without the need for individual colour printing plates, digital print offers a low cost solution for personalised brand experiences that connect with consumers on new levels. We’re all familiar with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign but the technology has far surpassed the expectation of a printed name on a label. With variable print technologies, we’re now seeing great examples and unique designs hit the market with more imagination and a more connected digital experience. With the help of HP Indigo, the Diet Coke 2016 ‘It’s Mine‘ campaign takes full advantage of variable print with millions of individually designed labels printed from a master template of just a few. This personalised approach can be part of a consumer interaction across multiple brand touch-points and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Diet Coke created 36 base designs inspired by the Coca Cola experience, HP’s software then automatically generated millions of unique variations ready for print.


Lower order quantities and short lead times for digital print give brands the opportunity to react quickly to today’s marketplace and create smarter marketing campaigns for special edition print, promotions, event support and other time specific strategies. Connecting online and offline experiences for brands has never been easier, linking content and product to events quickly and effectively invites consumer reaction.

Snacks by post retailer Graze utilise the versatility of digital print on their mail out packaging by connecting online and offline experiences along with seasonal variations that invite consumer reaction.


Advances in production mean that digital print is no longer limited to standard colours and white. It has now evolved to include foils that were previously only available through high-cost hot and cold foiling processes. Kurz have innovated a new technology that creates a bespoke foiling process known as digital metal and in doing so, have opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities for luxury and personalisation in digital print. Digital metal can print a different variable across every pack in the print run and because the process allows printing colour ‘on top’ of the foil, it also creates a wider range of colour options than standard foils. Premium design cues can now be achieved through digital print giving brands more freedom, creativity and expression to engage customers.

Digital metal can offer an economical benefit to traditional foiling processes and with the possibility of unique variations throughout the print run, brands have more expression to meet premium design cues at a lower cost.

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